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A FORD Fuck! (Ford + Rebel)

There is something about a girthy, uncut, veiny dick that makes you never forget it—even if you’re only experiencing it through a screen. Newcomer Ford’s dick, with its beautiful pink-ish tip is impossible to look away from and probably deserves its own movie (and Rebel’s interaction with it lets us know that we aren’t the only ones who feel this way about it). Rebel is the perfect match for Ford (Ford himself shares that he’s been a fan of Rebel for a long time, and the chemistry is definitely apparent). Rebel’s reputation is that his head game is unmatched; he proves this over and over by swallowing every inch of Ford’s thick dick with no problem. At times, Ford teases Rebel with the dick, slapping it on his tongue, before moving to other parts of the house for more action. Rebel enjoys all of it. Rebel can take dick, but isn’t afraid to make noise and let his partner know that he actually likes it. No matter how much Ford pounds into him, Rebel seems to want more, at times, even pushing back onto Ford. Not to be outdone, Ford also uses these moments to show off his muscular ass. The scene epically ends with Ford breeding Rebel, and, because Rebel is as nasty as people say he is, he makes that hole wink and pushes out the load Ford dropped into him. While that happens, there’s Ford’s big, heavy dick, still semi-hard, just swinging in the background.

Date Added: April 24, 2021


 Photos, 37 min of video


Rating: 4.8/5.0